Last updates

Here are the things we were working on recently.

Substantial Improvements to the Interface

We’ve made our interface quicker, more streamlined, and more intuitive, ensuring a seamless user experience. Things like statuses, buttons, and windows were updated.

June 2024

Introducing Screenshots of Sources

Now, you can check all the sources our algorithm used to create descriptions. We’ve added a feature to take screenshots of all these sources, which can be downloaded individually or as one zip archive, providing robust supporting documentation. You can now prove that the analysis was done, and that the websites looked exactly like they did at that moment.

June 2024

Financial Data Support

Users can now import financial data of comparable companies. Our solution calculates different PLIs, allowing you to see how AI and your decisions impact the final range, ensuring you are driving toward the desired result.

June 2024

Partnership with Sven van der Heide

We are pleased to announce our partnership with Sven van der Heide. Sven is a transfer pricing professional based in the Netherlands, dedicated to creating data solutions that give tax professionals more control over their transfer pricing. With extensive experience at PwC, where he managed transfer pricing and tax technology projects, Sven brings extensive expertise to our team. He will be contributing by translating his in-depth understanding of TP workflows into an outstanding user experience for our platform.

May 2024

New Platform: Goodbye, Google Sheets

We've upgraded! Our new platform is all about making things easier and faster for you. Forget the old limits; we're all about giving you more power and flexibility now. Check this video to see the new setup:

April 2024

Speed Boost: We're Way Faster Now

Need to process 100 companies? Now, it'll take you less than 4 minutes. That's right, we're talking about a 4x-5x speed increase vs the previous version. This means you get your work done quicker and can move on to other things faster.

April 2024

Do More at Once: Analyze up to 1000 Companies

You can now analyze up to 1000 companies in one shot. This big jump means you can handle more work more efficiently.

April 2024

AI-Driven Benchmarks: Webinar

Watch our webinar with TPA Global where the team shares how ArmsLength AI transformed their benchmarking process.

March 2024

Filling the Gaps: Automatic Website Discovery

If there's a company in your database missing its website, our new feature finds it for you—no more need to search for companies' websites.

March 2024

Recognition of Excellence: Tolley's Best Digital Tax Innovation Award 2024 Shortlist

We're proud to announce that ArmsLength AI has been shortlisted for the Tolley Taxation Award as the Best Digital Tax Innovation of 2024. This recognition is a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation in the field.

March 2024

Incredibly Easy To Use, But Surprisingly Powerful

ArmsLength.AI completes your benchmark manual reviews in minutes.